About Thrust

The Thrust team has been creating video games and interactive experiences together for 10 years with over 100 product launches.

We are game designers, software engineers, and behavioral scientists who believe that innovation through collaboration can make a difference.

Our Game Science philosophy applies a research-based approach to agile game development to create socially responsible habit-forming-fun solutions.

Featured Pediatric Engagement Solutions

Hemonauts is a mobile game for kids to teach the systems of the human body and illnesses, with a focus on fun!

Healium is a challenge app to increase adherence among tweens by leveraging their support network along with extrinsic motivators.

Increase medical adherence among young adults like you living with chronic illnesses. Gather a personalized group of supporters to help you stay on track with your treatment plan and earn rewards for prioritizing your health!


Game Science
| 7 June

Where does “We Believe in the MAGIC of Game Science” come from? Before we tell-all regarding Game Science, we must first chat gamification. Gamification (for those of you who aren’t

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Consult Your Community
| 13 May

We had the pleasure of working with five Georgia Tech students – Shan, Stockton, Justin, Anne and Jack – this spring semester through the Consult Your Community (CYC) program. The

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