Game Science


Where does “We Believe in the MAGIC of Game Science” come from?

Before we tell-all regarding Game Science, we must first chat gamification. Gamification (for those of you who aren’t nerds at heart like we are) is basically incorporating game elements (i.e. leveling up, leaderboards, and achievements) into non-game environments (i.e. the workplace, education, healthcare). Unfortunately, this process doesn’t always get the best rep. This is basically due to the lack of long term sustainability associated with user retention and results. This didn’t sit well with us. We knew there had to be a better way. So, enter the “science” piece of the puzzle. With proven, data-driven research and results our team created a method for gamifying projects in a way that speaks directly to the human psyche. A method we termed “Game Science.”

This brings us back to our original question “Where does ‘We believe in the magic of Game Science’ come from?” Actually, when we hear the word “magic,” our minds effortlessly divert to all things J.K. Rowling. Maybe yours does, too. But, that isn’t exactly the type of magic we are talking about.  We are talking about the magic of possibility surrounding real, meaningful change. Simply put, Game Science means applying an outcome-based approach with agile game development to create socially responsible, habit-forming, fun solutions for real world problems.

Game theory, game mechanics, gamification, behavioral economics, scientific research, and good ol’ fashioned game development. These are all concepts that fuel our game science philosophy. They are the ingredients to our secret sauce for creating engaging and immersive experiences.  

And, like we said, those are just the ingredients. While it would be nice to say that we had one recipe for success (sprinkle in a little gamification and add a dollop of behavioral economics) that’s not how we roll. Each project is unique, requiring its own recipe, determined through the collaborative efforts of our partners and ourselves. Just like we believe in the magic of Game Science, we also believe that Game Science + Collaboration = Innovation.

Shaunak Godkhindi