ATDC Radio - Jesse Lindsley and Thrust Interactive


Last Wednesday, our CEO and Founder, Jesse, was featured on ATDC Radio to talk about Thrust and what we’re doing; particularly in the pediatric health space.

“Thrust is an Atlanta-based game development studio started in 2008. So, we’ve been around a while, focused in the entertainment space making games for all the big brands in town – the Cartoon Networks and the Headline News of the world… And we are part of ATDC, joined in 2015 as we were working on and we are continuing to work in the pediatric engagement and experience space. So we are rethinking how pediatric doctors engage with their patients both on the disease literacy and disease management fronts”

“We are building a platform called Hemonauts where you are a medical nanobot inside of the body, trying to save the world while getting to blow stuff up and explore. While you’re playing, you don’t even know you’re learning about diabetes (or other chronic illnesses) but you know you are solving puzzles you are going on missions. And so that’s how we tackle it. And it was our entree into disease literacy where we found that a lack of disease literacy also led to a lack of adherence. And so our next app is a gamified challenge app for kids helping them remember to stay on treatment, take their medicine, and eat right. Basically creating healthy habits.”

Want to hear more about our involvement in the pediatric healthcare space as well as how we utilize our game science philosophy?Listen to the full business radio recording above or visit the Business RadioX website! To stay up to date on the Thrust team, the projects we’re working on, and the events we’re going to, follow us on Twitter to get notified of our new blog posts. We’ll be sharing with you what we’re up to as well as all the amazing people we get to work with. As Jesse put it:

“So many of [our team members] say how lucky they feel that they’re here and as a founder and CEO of a company that makes you feel really proud. That’s the way I feel and I’m glad that the people that work at Thrust feel the same way.”

Thank you to the ATDC Radio for inviting us to be a part of their show – we all feel lucky to be a part of the Thrust team, and are glad we were able to share this part of our story.

Shaunak Godkhindi